I registered for the meeting, am I automatically registered for speed meeting? No. You will receive a separate email inviting you to make your speed meeting appointments. 

What are the deadlines I need to be aware of?

Deadline to register for the FranNet Fall Meeting is September 21st.  

Deadline to submit your one sheet is September 21st.

Deadline to cancel your meeting registration and get a refund is October 5th.

Did I register for the meeting? You should have received a confirmation email but if you didn’t or didn’t keep it, go to the home page and there is a “Did I register” button, click on it and enter your company name.

I need to upload my one sheet…how? What information is needed? If you have already registered refer to your confirmation email, there is an edit my information link at the bottom. Once you click on that, you can see a spec sheet and upload your one sheet.

If you have not registered, once you begin the registration process there is a link and sample at bottom of the registration page.

I need to edit my attendees...how? Refer to your confirmation email, there is an edit my information link at the bottom. Once you click on that you can add, delete, or change attendees.

Did I pay? Please contact FranNet accounting, accounting@frannet.com or 502-719-8362.

Do you accept Credit Cards? Unfortunately we do not accept credit cards.

I need to submit my payment for registration, where do I send the payment? If you are paying by check send it to:

FranNet, LLC

10302 Brookridge Village Blvd. Ste. 201

Louisville, KY 40291

If you are paying using ACH and don’t have the information needed please contact accounting, accounting@frannet.com or 502-719-8362.

I would like to send some giveaways and/or information other than what is on my one sheet, how many do I plan for? Please contact Karen, kcady@frannet.com for a list of consultants and their contact information or you can visit www.frannet.com/addressbook